Friday, February 8, 2008

What is pedagogy?

According to the OED online, pedagogy is: the art, occupation, or practice of teaching . . . the theory or principles of eduction; a method of teaching based on such a theory. So, then what does that mean for me? What is my pedagogy? I'm a teacher, so does that mean I automatically have a pedagogy since it is the practice of teaching? The problem is, I haven't quite figured out what MY pedagogy is.

When it comes to writing, I fall somewhere in between the whole product/process debate that has been going on in the field of composition for quite some time. As someone who received an undergraduate education in photography, the art side of me is all about the process of writing - plus the fact that when it comes to my own writing, my process is very important to me. However, the technical writer side of my is big on the actual product - this is because if you are producing a product that will be viewed by many, you want it be as good as possible, you don't want people to think you are dumb, or don't care about the little details.

As an editor, I see the little mistakes and at times it drives me crazy but when I grade I try to keep things in context, obviously if the paper is just riddled with errors the grade is going to be affected, but if there are just minor ones I understand.

I have had some pretty amazing teachers that have just been so pationate about what they teach that even if it is the most boring subject on the planet, I would still be interested. I want to be able to get to that point. I hope that my students see how much I enjoy writing, and even though I don't expect them all to enjoy it like I do by the end of the semester, I hope they see and understand the importance of writing in and out of academia.

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